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Yspanus Languages aims to provide a wide variety of courses to its students to meet their specific goals.

Our super-intensive and intensive courses are suitable for students who want to learn Spanish quickly and efficiently. Our conversation classes are perfect for students looking to expand their verbal fluency through thematic classes. You will also find preparatory courses at Yspanus to earn your Spanish proficiency certificate!

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Pedro Pecly

The dynamic of the classes are fantastic, it is 4 hours a week that really pays off. The teacher is very good, the class is also great, it is very fun, and dynamic too, so everything contributes to learning.


Juliana Trajano

I really like my teacher, I think she is very dynamic, very fun. It is not easy to have a class with adults from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, but luckily my class is very lively. I think we get along with the teacher because we have a similar profile, and she makes the classes more fun and palatable for 7:30 pm.

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Who wants to embark on an exchange program

Who has an eye on the job market

Who wants to

live abroad

Who will travel and need to communicate

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Yspanus Languages segmented its academic program into several courses, tailored to meet the needs of each student. In addition to our rich range of courses, Yspanus also offers private classes for those who prefer an individualized teaching method.

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