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At Yspanus Languages, you will find a rich variety of courses geared to the specific needs of each student and teachers with extensive French experience!

The super-intensive and intensive courses are designed for those who wish to learn French quickly while gaining the ability to interact fluently in the language. French conversation classes are aimed at students who want to improve their verbal fluency through thematic classes structured based on the interests of the class. Our preparatory courses, on the other hand, meet the goals of students who are eyeing the job market and who need to master the language to obtain a certificate of French proficiency.

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Thaís Auad

I'm Thaís, I'm 20 years old, and I'm a designer. I chose to learn French because I study fashion at college, and French for me would be a big jump on my curriculum.

My teacher is great, he speaks French very well, and he speaks slowly and always corrects us. The class is very dynamic, there was a day when we made breakfast, and we learned how to speak things in French, how was bread in French, how was cheese, etc. And as the teacher already lived there, he talked about how people eat there, their customs, and it was really cool.

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At Yspanus Languages, our focus is on teaching the French you need to achieve your goals. That's why we segmented our academic program into several courses, tailored to meet the needs of each student.

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