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At Yspanus Languages you will find a rich range of courses geared to the specific needs of each student!

Our super-intensive and intensive courses are designed for those who wish to learn English quickly without losing the ability to interact fluently in the language. English conversation classes are indicated for students who aim to improve their verbal fluency through thematic classes, structured based on the interests of the students. Preparation courses are recommended for students who have an eye on the job market and who need to master the language for job interviews and certificates of proficiency in English.

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Carina Ennes

It's very good studying at Yspanus. The classes are always dynamic and very lively, there is always something interactive. I really like the pronunciation of my teacher, she has a way of speaking that we can understand how the language is used in everyday life. Sometimes teachers speak in a slow, very didactic way, and in real life, it's not like that. English is important for your career, even in everyday life. It is a language that we always need to be in contact with.


Studying at Yspanus is great, super fun. The classes are very dynamic, and the teacher is great. I think English, especially, is very important nowadays, and you need English for everything. I had only taken English at school, I never took a course before. The little I had of English was very rusty so it was important for me to take a course to resume my study and deepen my knowledge of the language.

Camila Ennes


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At Yspanus Languages, our focus is to teach English so that students can achieve their professional and personal goals. For this, our methodology was segmented into several courses capable of meeting the expectations of the most diverse groups.

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