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At Yspanus Languages, ​​you will find a rich variety of courses geared to the specific needs of each student!

We designed our intensive course for those who wish to learn Mandarin quickly without losing the ability to interact fluently in the language.

Yspanus preparatory courses are recommended for students who have an eye on the market and who need to master the language for job interviews and Mandarin proficiency certificates.

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Gregory Cordas

The dynamics of my teacher is different from everything I have studied before because normally we have a teacher who follows a grammar. He follows the book but has a different dynamic and he makes us talk, not just write. So it ends up being really cool because it forces us to speak the language that we have the most difficulty, especially because it has very similar words, the phoneme is almost the same from one word to another but they mean different things, so I think the dynamic is good.

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Who wants to embark on an exchange program

Who has an eye on the job market

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At Yspanus Languages, our focus is to teach Mandarin so that students can achieve their professional and personal goals. For this, our methodology was segmented into several modules capable of meeting the expectations of each student.


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