* Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our company has decided to resume its in-person activities when there are mass vaccination and safety for its students and staff.

YSPANUS Languages, in tune with the globalized world and its urgent demands, offers customized courses and training that meet the particular needs and the specific pace of its customers.

Training and courses are divided into levels, workload, syllabus, and goals to be achieved, which are chosen by the student, from the company's range of options, or else from a program exclusively formatted for him.

Our in-person classes are taught at our unit in Icaraí, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, inside our company, at partner institutions and schools, or the students' residence, with courses for all levels of proficiency from A1 to C2.

Using multicultural and communicative methodology, YSPANUS Languages ​​leads the student to successfully use the new language in any linguistic environment.

At level A1 (Beginner), the student can understand and use everyday communicative structures and cultural paradigms such as: presentations, goodbyes, formulating simple questions and answers about personal issues. You can communicate easily with your interlocutors as long as they speak slowly.

At level A2 (Basic), he can understand and use expressions related to his education and his family environment, habitual actions and immediate needs. The student can interact with some ease but he uses vocabulary and structures that are still limited and simple.

At level B1 (Independent), the student clearly understands written texts and native speakers of the target language. He succeeds in communication environments such as travel and can describe events, experiences and desires. He's also able to expose opinions, plans and projects.

At level B2 (Advanced), he can understand technical texts and complex subjects and can express himself in a clear and detailed way on different topics. He can communicate fluently, spontaneously and effortlessly.

At level C1 (Autonomous), the student can use the language effectively and naturally in social, academic and professional environments, as well as being able to produce clear, well-structured and detailed texts on complex topics.

At the C2 (Fluent) level, he expresses himself spontaneously and with total fluency, being able to perceive and use implicit and complex meanings in any communication context.

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