Yspanus Senior

Nowadays, reaching senior age is a privilege of an increasing number of Brazilians, being, therefore, an excellent period to fulfill dreams previously left behind.

One of those possible dreams, and of great value for maintaining memory, is to learn new languages.

Learning a foreign language, in addition to stimulating the synapses in your brain, is an excellent form of socialization, access to diverse cultures, and innumerable novelties, stirring your curiosity and stimulating joy and new sensations.


It is also a bridge for access to travel abroad with greater independence and even exchange programs. Currently, the percentage of students over 50 years of age who seek this type of service has practically doubled.

Thus, YSPANUS Languages created YSPANUS SENIOR, specific language classes for the rhythm and centers of interest of the elderly, which focuses on conversation and orality.

Through dynamic and socio-interactionist methodology, which prioritizes playful activities with music and films, the student learns to communicate in a simple, pleasant, and effective way.