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As education specialists, we know that the best time to acquire a second language spontaneously and to master it completely as a native speaker is during childhood when the brain is still being shaped.

In addition to this neurological advantage, exposure to more than one language at an early age provides the early development of reading and writing, more globalized and flexible reasoning, and stimulates creativity. So invest in your child's education!

CLUB YSPANITUS, an exclusive language club for children and teenagers from 7 to 15 years old, your child will learn in a natural and relaxed way Spanish, English, French, and Mandarin (other languages through customized courses). Through our multicultural and communicative methodology, which uses the storytelling technique, your child will learn the new language and its culture.

This is all facilitated by the combination of many factors:

1. Setting of classrooms, with different learning centers, organized to carry out individual activities or in small groups, to stimulate the discovery of new knowledge and the development of the 4 linguistic skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing:

Reading / storytelling corner.
Theater area, with costumes, puppets, and props for staging.
Space for manual activities.
Project creation area, ranging from videos to the production of models.

2. Exposure, at all times, and in all situations, to the new language.

3. Use of programs and teaching materials suitable for each age group and their cognitive learning rhythm.

4. Teachers with extensive experience working with children and teenagers.

5. Small classes of up to a maximum of 8 students.



Thaís Rodrigues

Learning Spanish at Yspanus from an early age through Yspanitus was crucial for me to get used to the language naturally and organically. Besides, having native teachers contributed not only to a better verbal fluency but also to immersion in different cultures.

Confira nossas turmas de 2020.1!

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